Summer in Africa

Alhamdulillah. [praise God]
June 26, 2010, 12:06 am
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8 days in & I am beginning to fall in love.

[Exceptions are as follows: mosquitoes, lack of giraffes, couscous, stray cats, no boys to bag my groceries at the grocery store, Tuna on pizza, tuna on burgers, and tuna in the form of candy.]

The list is short because, well, I  have taken a fondness to just about everything Tunisian, which includes eating chocolate in bed, Tunisian peaches, Arabic chants on the hour every hour,  running out of electricity, not using door handles, and speaking Arabic.  [Jeaan = I’m hungry] Not to mention that the Groggs and their team have been incredible.

My days are simple. I spend my mornings with these boogers.

They are jammed packed with tea parties, bible lessons, and pretending that I am a witch who is married to a rock star (JT, of course) where I have joined the planting trees club who loves to push kids on swings. I fit right in.

Then my afternoons are swept away with errands and, i hope, soon to be more frequent trips to the orphanage.

Finally, my nights are a trade off between girls nights, church, world cup, and listening to the incredible stories of the missionaries I have come to love.

God is teaching me how to serve and love his people.

Recently I read a post.  It described the similarity between the books we want to read but never do and, ironically not, our own personal lives. It stated that these books stay on the shelf collecting dust or in my case, are widely traveled but never started. It seems that something “better” always comes up, and for one reason or another we never even seem to flip the first page. A predicament not even the iPad can conquer. For me, however, this explains a lot elements in my life. These “On the shelf” items of our lives get talked about over at dinner with friends or standing in line to see the midnight showing of New Moon. We come up with grand ideas that usually start with,  “dude, wouldn’t it be cool if…?” And yet,  when we have eaten too much or the movie is over — for whatever reason– that idea never makes it into the seems of our daily lives. Our aspirations and dreams seem to be stuck on the shelf collecting dust.

“The problem is that many of life’s most fulfilling moments, most rewarding risks and most exciting opportunities tend to stay on the shelf.  Like an autographed baseball or our collection of beanie babies—we hold those possibilities with such high esteem that we never bother touching them.”

I am stuck in awe that my journey to Africa could have so easily become another one of these items. The code to unlocking the parts of our lives we most desperately want are sitting on the shelf, right in front of us. They  are those that we have held onto the longest and have compiled to most dust that need to be unleashed. Just imagine the difference you could make and lives you could change.

To be honest, the risk I took had nothing to do with me. All the glory goes to God. He caused me to shake off the dust and move. Therefore, if you’re ready pick up that book I suggest you begin to pray.

God I pray for my brothers and sisters that your will be done in our lives. Rekindle in us a desire for adventure and risk! Move us to be bold, all while bringing you Glory. Allow us to hear your whispers in the wind, and rid ourselves our selfish ambition. It is all for you.

“The purpose of man’s heart is deep waters.” Proverbs

Salam wa aleikum (peace be with you)



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